A Brief Introduction

What’s up? Until I gain the coveted readership that all blog-fags seek, this will be an exercise in creative masturbation. It’s a shame, really. Our modern world facilities a soapbox for every half assed, quasi intellectual with a lofty opinion.

I should introduce myself. I’m Clay Hatrison – the co-creator of the H-Boyz. The H-Boyz is a rock band/comic book project. Here:


Much of what I write on my little one-man circle jerk here will concern that. This project means a lot to my brother (my creative partner) and I. A lot of it will also contain my random musings.

I have to warn you, this blog is going to be consistently vulgar, childish and gross.

So, having said that, enjoy the show

Until next time.

– C. Hatrison

This is me in the midst of a breakout. It's only a cold sore, that my penis shares. My penis has a cold.


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